Marufuku coffee shop "Bottled coffee" "Coffee jelly depth"

Marufuku Coffee Shop is a long-established coffee shop founded in Osaka in 1934. The specialty coffee that uses the original roasting technology and brewing equipment called "the extremity of deep roasting" is popular.

Discover the Marufuku coffee shop "Bottled Coffee" and "Coffee Jelly Depth" at the supermarket where you can easily enjoy the deliciousness at home. I was attracted to the design with a nostalgic atmosphere and bought it.

Marufuku Coffee Shop Bottled Coffee

The retro bottle is a reproduction of the sauce bottle used from the Taisho era to the early Showa era. While there are many easy-to-drink PET bottles and canned coffee, bottled coffee is rare. It's kind of fresh to open the crown and drink coffee with a bottle opener. The content is 125 ml, and the purchase price is 370 yen (excluding tax).

Marufuku coffee shop "bottled coffee"

The only ingredients are coffee and sugar. Just like the coffee served in the shop, the coffee carefully extracted by the craftsmen is trapped as it is. A powerful taste with a deep richness. You can also enjoy the rich aroma by pouring it into a glass.

Marufuku coffee shop "bottled coffee"

Comes with fresh for bottled coffee. The milky taste of milk enhances the richness of coffee. It is recommended to leave it as it is at first and add freshness later to enjoy the change in taste.

Marufuku coffee shop "bottled coffee" fresh

Marufuku coffee shop coffee jelly depth

A jelly made by adding gelatin and sugar to coffee. A potion (5ml) is also included in the set. The purchase price is 158 yen (excluding tax).

Marufuku coffee shop "Coffee jelly depth"

It's hard enough to keep its shape even if you scoop it with a spoon. With a smooth texture, it will loosen with soft elasticity. I feel sweetness, but the overall impression is bitter. The bitterness spreads over the aftertaste, leaving a sharp finish.

Marufuku coffee shop "Coffee jelly depth"

Add a potion to increase the sense of luxury. The richness gently wraps the bitterness and changes it to a mellow taste. It doesn't become sweet, so it's recommended for those who don't like sweets.

Marufuku coffee shop "Coffee jelly depth"

Both bottled coffee and coffee jelly are perfect when you want a refreshing taste and a small size. I bought it at a supermarket this time, but it is also available on mail order sites. If you like coffee, please check it out!