Lotte "Lady Boden Mini Cup [Scented Nutty Nutty Nut Lover]".


Boden Mini Cup

[Savory N

utty Nut Lover]" LOTTE's "Lady Boden" brand will release "Lady Boden Mini Cup [Savory Nutty Nut Lover]" on Monday, March 20, 2012.


mini cups are made of fragrant hazelnut ice cream mixed with roasted almonds that have a delightful sugar-coated texture. You can enjoy the rich, fragrant, and intense flavor of the nuts.

The Turkish hazelnuts used for the ice cream portion are hot-roasted slowly over a long period of time. The hazelnuts are selected so that the heat can be transmitted evenly to the inside of the nuts, allowing the hazelnut flavor to be fully appreciated.

Lotte "Lady Boden Mini Cup [Scented Nutty Nutty Nut Lover]".

The almonds mixed in are roasted, fragrant almonds coached in sugar. Salt is also added to enhance the sweetness and accentuate the texture and taste. The taste accentuates the original deliciousness of the ingredients.

[Product Outline]
Product Name: Lady Boden Mini Cups [Aromatic Nutty Nut Lover]
Launch Date: Monday, March 20, 2023
Launch Area: Nationwide
Category Name: Ice Cream
Volume: 120 ml
Price: Open Price