"Lady Borden Mini Cup [Premium Milk]" 50th Anniversary of Japan Landing 2nd! Rich taste of 100% domestic milk ingredients

From "Lady Borden", which celebrated its 50th anniversary in Japan this year, "Lady Borden Mini Cup [Premium Milk]" will be released on December 13th as the second commemorative product for the 50th anniversary of Japan's landing. Contents 120ml (4.06us fl oz), price is open.

Lady Borden Mini Cup [Premium Milk]

A premium flavor that you can enjoy the rich taste of milk made from 100% domestic milk ingredients. From the desire to "tell more people about the deliciousness of Lady Borden in the 50th anniversary of its release in Japan," we are particular about the taste of milk, which is an important ingredient in creating the taste of Lady Borden. Products will be released.

In order to bring out the original taste of fresh milk, we did not add extra things as much as possible, and we were confident that we were particular about how to make and the ingredients. More than 30% of raw milk is used abundantly, and you can enjoy a rich taste.

"Golden spoon" is designed for the 50th anniversary logo. It is a logo mark that embodies the important feeling "FIT FOR A GOLDEN SPOON" that has been kept in the logo since its release, which is to be a high-quality and special existence for eaters.