Mr. Donut "Moist Muffin Berry Yogurt".

Mr. Donut "Moist Muffin Berry Yogurt"

Mr. Donut will add "Moist Muffin Berry Yogurt" to its packaged "moist muffins" starting Wednesday, March 8 (excluding some stores).

Moist Muffin Berry


The new "Moist Muffin Berry Yogurt" is made with yogurt kneaded into the batter and topped with two kinds of berries. It is filled with yogurt-flavored cream. The moist texture of the muffin, the sweet and sour taste of the berries, and the flavor of the yogurt are a perfect match.

Mr. Donut "Moist Muffin Berry Yogurt".

Since this product is packaged one by one, you can enjoy the delicious, moist texture the next morning. It is recommended to buy it at the store and have it for breakfast the next day. They can be carried in a bag and are perfect for filling up on the go.

The "

Moist Muffin" series

The "Moist Muffin Butter Flavor" with buttery cream topped with bittersweet crumbles and the "Moist Muffin Chocolate" with chocolate cream topped with cubes of chocolate are also available. Choose the flavor that suits your mood, or take them with you and enjoy them in a variety of ways.

Mr. Donut "Moist Muffin Butter Flavor" and "Moist Muffin Chocolate".
From left to right: "Moist Muffin Butter Flavor", "Moist Muffin Chocolate".

Priced at 237 yen (tax included) for To go and 242 yen for eat-in.