FamilyMart "Chocolate Muffin"
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Introducing the new arrival bread that will be on sale from May 11th at each FamilyMart store. Here are 9 items in the lineup of interest. * Handling status varies depending on the region and store.

"Tearable Triangle Sandwich" is a fluffy and voluminous bread dough sandwiched with milk whipped cream. The price is 120 yen (tax included, same below).

FamilyMart "Tearable Triangle Sandwich"

"Chocolate muffin" is an almond-scented muffin mixed with shavings. It is topped with chewy dice chocolate and chocolate filling with a refreshing texture. The price is 138 yen.

FamilyMart "Chocolate Muffin"

"Moist ham cheese mayonnaise" is a moist dough made from domestic wheat flour, and is a bread wrapped with ham, cheese cream, and mayonnaise. The price is 118 yen.

FamilyMart "Moist Ham Cheese Mayonnaise"

"Fluffy Famichiki buns (tartar sauce)" are buns for enjoying as a burger with hot snacks such as Famichiki. Tartar sauce is sandwiched in fluffy bread. The price is 88 yen.

FamilyMart "Fluffy Famichi Kibans (Tartar Sauce)"

"Pizza Sand 5 Kinds of Cheese & Bacon" is a pizza sand made by wrapping 5 kinds of cheese and bacon in a low-temperature, long-aged dough. The price is 250 yen.

FamilyMart "Pizza Sand 5 Kinds of Cheese & Bacon"

"Garlic beef burger" is a burger with a garlic scent. Beef patty topped with garlic sauce, stir-fried beef roses, cheese, onions, fried garlic, etc. The price is 348 yen.

FamilyMart "Garlic Beef Burger"

"Cibatta Sandwich Cajun Chicken" is a ciabatta bread with a flavor of olive oil. It has a spicy taste with Cajun chicken, tomato base sauce and cheddar cheese. The price is 348 yen.

FamilyMart "Cibatta Sandwich Cajun Chicken"

"Wrapstick taco-style meat" is a tortilla where you can easily eat vegetables. Whole grain tortilla dough rolled with spicy chili tacos meat, cheddar cheese and vegetables (cabbage, green leaf, purple cabbage, carrots). The price is 268 yen.

FamilyMart "Wrap Stick Taco Style Meat"

"5 kinds of volume mixed sandwich" is a volume sandwich that combines 5 kinds of layers of tuna salad, ham and cucumber with mayo sauce, egg salad, teriyaki chicken, potato salad and ham. The price is 388 yen.

FamilyMart "5 kinds of volume mixed sandwiches"