Starbucks Plant Based Food

Starbucks has expanded its "plant-based" food menu as a new food option to enjoy with coffee, tea, and other beverages. Five items will be available at Starbucks stores nationwide from June 1 (except some stores).

Starbucks Plant-Based Food

The main ingredients are plant-based, without animal products (meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products, and honey). Products have been developed with a focus on taste and satisfaction despite being plant-based.

Almond Milk Matcha Mousse

A cake made of crushed graham crackers topped with a flavorful matcha mousse and a top layer of whipped mixture of matcha and almond milk. The matcha is grown with manure made from recycled coffee grounds from Starbucks stores. The deep, bittersweet flavor of the matcha is perfectly balanced with the savory aroma of the graham crackers and the mellow taste of the almond milk. The Kanoko Dainagon accents the appearance and taste. The price is 476 yen for take-out, 485 yen for in-store use (tax included, same below).

Starbucks "Almond Milk Matcha Mousse"

Sugar Doughnut

The classic "Sugar Donut" has been renewed with a plant base. The dough has a moist and chewy texture, and the sugar glaze has a gentle sweetness. The price is 250 yen for take-out and 255 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Sugar Donut

Spinach Corn & Soy Patty English Muffin

A whole wheat flour English muffin with a crispy exterior and a firm interior is sandwiched between a soybean-based soy patty, spinach corn cream, and maple mustard. The delicious flavor of the spinach, the crunchy texture of the corn, and the rich sweetness of the maple mustard give the muffin a meaty taste that goes perfectly with the mouth-watering soy patty. The price is 432 yen for take-out and 440 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Spinach Corn & Soy Patty English Muffin"

Tomato & Soy Ball Ishigama Filone

Filone sandwiched with soy balls, pomodoro sauce, and plant-based cheese (milk-free). The acidity of the tomatoes and richness of the plant-based cheese make it taste like meat, and it goes great with the soy balls. The price is 501 yen for take-out and 510 yen for in-store use.

Starbucks "Tomato & Soy Ball Stone Kiln Filone"

Shaken Meal Soy Bolognese

Purple cabbage, millet bean salad with tomato dressing, soy bolognese sauce, red bell pepper, plant-based cheese (dairy-free), semi-dried tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower and green leaf topping. Shake well 10-15 times with the lid on to distribute the sauce throughout the ingredients. It is also easy to eat in a cup. Priced at 452 yen for take-out and 460 yen for in-store use. Available at some stores only.

Starbucks "Shaken Meal Soy Bolognese"

Based on Starbucks' plant-based concept, "main ingredients" refers to up to secondary ingredients, including food additives that make up the product. However, processing aids and carry-over food additives included in secondary ingredients that can be omitted from the labeling under the Food Labeling Law are not included in the main ingredients.
Products containing animal products are manufactured at our manufacturing plants and stores.
This is not a product for those who aim for complete vegetarianism.