KALDI "Winter Sweets Set"
All images are from the official KALDI website

The "Winter Sweets Set" will be available in limited quantities on November 24th at each KALDI Coffee Farm store and the official online store. The price is 864 yen (tax included).

Winter sweets set

A set of coffee "Happy Holidays Blend" (200g) with a refreshing and spicy taste and "Original Apple Muffins" (2 pieces) with a hint of cinnamon.

KALDI "Winter Sweets Set"

Set Limited Happy Holidays Blend

Coffee with a voluminous taste and flavors like cardamom and citrus peel. This winter-only blend that goes well with sweets.

Original apple muffin

Muffins baked with a moist texture, accented with apple pulp and buttery crumble. The faint scent of cinnamon enhances the sweetness of apples.