Hamasushi's Spring Ahead! Seasonal Neta Festival

Hamazushi's Spring Ahead!

Seasonal Neta


Hamazushi will hold the "Hamazushi Spring Seasonal Neta Festival" from March 2 (Thu.), featuring a wide variety of spring dishes. Seasonal Neta Festival" will be held at Hamazushi from March 2 (Thursday). All items are limited in quantity.

Examples of products are as follows. Prices include tax.

Fukui Prefecture pickled firefly squid

. Price: 110 yen.

Hama Sushi "Pickled Firefly Squid from Fukui Prefecture

Hokkaido Sakura trout

- moist meat with an elegant sweetness. Price: 110 yen.

Hama-zushi "Hokkaido Sakura trout

Torosawara Tataki (Toro Sawara Tataki

) Seasonal Spanish mackerel is made into a savory tataki. Price: 110 yen.

Hama Sushi "Toro Sawara Tataki" (Tunneled Straw Tataki)

Sakuraebi Gunkan (Cherry Shrimp Gunkan)

The more you chew, the more the sweetness fills your mouth. Priced at 165 yen.

Hama Sushi "Sakuraebi Gunkan

Shizuoka Prefecture Ippon Fishing Nanagami Katsu

o The Nanagami Katsuo is characterized by its rich flavor and firm flesh. Price: 165 yen.

Hama Sushi "Ippon-Zuri Nanagami Bonito from Shizuoka Prefecture

Toyama Bay Shiroebi Nigiri (white shrimp nigiri)

Also known as "the jewel of Toyama Bay," this


has an elegant, rich, and sweet taste. Price: 319 yen.

Hama Sushi "Toyama Bay Shrimp Nigiri

Natural Southern Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

A sumptuous dish that allows you to enjoy natural southern bluefin tuna to your heart's content. Four types of tuna are combined: large tuna, medium tuna, lean tuna, and tataki tuna. The price is 858 yen.

Hama Sushi "Natural Minami-Maguro Zukushi

The product will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.
Price may differ at some stores.
Available at 575 stores (as of February 28, 2012).