McDonald's "Udon Burger (Future Style)
Udon Burger (Future Style) ......!


AI Burger Generator A special site "AI Burger Generator" is now available from McDonald's to create burger images of your favorite ingredients.

The AI Burger Generator is a burger-specific AI image generator that learns

and synthesizes

images of past burgers and ingredients from McDonald's. By inputting the name of your favorite ingredient or dish, you can create a one-of-a-kind original burger image.

In order to prevent copyright infringement, the AI learns McDonald's past hamburger images and ingredient images, and does not accept any words other than ingredients and food names. Usage is as follows.

(1) Open the special "AI Burger Generator" site and enter the name of the ingredient or dish you would like to see on the burger at
. (1) Open the "AI Burger Generator," a special website, and enter the name of the ingredient or dish you would like on the burger.
(2) Press START to generate the burger image.
(3) In addition to the default "futuristic" style, you can choose from five different image tones: "colorful," "Japanese painting," "simple," and "retro.
(4) The created image can be shared on Twitter.

You can create your favorite images such as "Udon Burger (futuristic)", "Pancake Burger (colorful)", "Fried Chicken Burger (Japanese painting)", "Omelet Burger (simple)", "Salmon Carpaccio Burger (retro)" and so on.

McDonald's "Hotcake Burger (Colorful)"
Pancake Burger (Colorful)

McDonald's "Chicken Fried Burger (Japanese Painting Style)
Chicken fried burger (Japanese style)

McDonald's "Omelette Burger (Simple)"
Omelette Burger (simple)

McDonald's "Salmon Carpaccio Burger (Retro)
Salmon Carpaccio Burger (Retro)

The special site also features characters from the music video "Tillori Mix," which mixes music by artists Ado and asmi with "Tillori♪," a mechanical sound that signals when McDonald's McFries are ready to be fried. It guides the user through the generation of the burger image. The design of the operation screen also reflects the image of the mu-video.