Joyful Manzoku Alphabetical Gourmet Fair

Joyful "

Manzoku Alovely Gourmet Fair

" Joyful will hold a limited time "Manzoku Alovely Gourmet" fair from February 28 (Tuesday) at 3:00 p.m. (except some stores). Sales will end when all products are gone.

This year's fair features a lineup of seven dishes using ingredients such as strawberries, which are in season in spring, and other delicious ingredients


The menu features limited-time-only items that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Beef Sagari

Ugashiri Steak

Stack This steak stack uses tender and healthy beef sagari, which is tossed in two different sauces and grilled to perfection. The beef sagari is grilled with two different sauces, and the aroma of shiso leaves and spicy wasabi match perfectly with white rice.

Joyful "Usukuri Steak Stack with Beef Sagari

Price: 988 yen (tax included, same as below). To go available.

Oita Specialty Dango Jiru Set Meal

This menu item features rich barley miso paste and hearty root vegetables. The hand-pulled dumpling noodles are made to be sticky and chewy.

Joyful "Oita specialty dango soup set meal

The price is 955 yen with toriten (chicken tempura) and 735 yen for a single dish. The single item does not come with rice, pickles, or toriten (chicken tempura).

Chicken with grated bonito flakes set meal:

Juicy chicken cutlet soaked in a special sauce with bonito flakes for a deep flavor. This satisfying dish also includes plenty of root vegetables such as sweet potatoes and lotus root.

Joyful "Chicken with grated bonito flakes" set meal

The price is 845 yen. Single item is 735 yen.

Cheese Hamburger Steak & U


Steak (with rice)

A special combo of a 100% beef cheese hamburger steak and udashiri steak made from beef belly. You can feel the full flavor of beef. Comes with rice for a great price.

Joyful "Cheese Hamburger & Ugly Steak with Rice

Price: 988 yen. To go available.

Fresh Strawberry Parfait

This parfait is as gorgeous as a bouquet. Six strawberries are used. Price: 878 yen.

Joyful "Fresh Strawberry Japanese Parfait

Fresh Strawberry Japanese Style

Parfait: A combination of green tea, azuki flavor, and strawberries, this parfait is reminiscent of strawberry daifuku (rice cake with red bean paste). Priced at 724 yen.

Joyful "Fresh Strawberry Japanese Parfait

Fresh Strawberries and Miruku Strawberry Jelly

: A mini parfait that allows you to casually enjoy the sweet and sour taste of strawberries. You can enjoy the milky and gentle sweetness. Price: 394 yen.

Joyful "Fresh Strawberry and Miruku Strawberry Jelly

All rice used is domestic rice.
Vegetables and other accompaniments are subject to change.
All rice is made from domestic rice.
All cookware, tableware, and frying oil are identical, and allergens that are not originally included in the menu may be unintentionally mixed in.
Products, hours, and prices may differ at some locations.