Matsunoya "Creamy Doria Style with Fried Oysters

Matsunoya "



Style with Fried Oysters" A new doria-style menu item, "Creamy Doria Style with Fried Oysters," will be available at Matsunoya and Matsunoya on Wednesday, February 22, 2023 at 3:00 PM. To go (To go) is also available.

Creamy Doria


of Fried Oysters A new addition to Matsunoya's popular "Fried Oysters" menu. Oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture are used in this dish, which is crispy, juicy, and has a milky flavor when you bite into it.

The oyster dives into a white sauce made with European mushrooms and covered with Dutch Gouda cheese. This is a winter treat to be enjoyed with butter-flavored rice. Enjoy oyster fries in a different way than usual for a moment of bliss.

The price is 890 yen including tax for both in-store and To go. Except for single items, "Oyster Fried Creamy Doria Style" comes with miso soup for both in-store and to-go.

Matsunoya "Creamy Doria Style with Fried Oysters

Available at 178 Matsunoya and Matsunoya stores nationwide, excluding some stores. It will not be sold at stores with Matsuya or at highway PA stores.

Matsunoya offers a "free rice refill" service at 170 stores nationwide. You can enjoy as many servings of safe and secure rice made with domestically produced rice as you like.