Chateraise "Chocolat Dorayaki with 88% cut sugar content



with 88% Cut Sugar Content Chocolate Dorayaki with 88% Cut Sugar Content will go on sale at Chateraise on February 24, 2012. The price is 172 yen (tax included).


Dorayaki with 88% Sugar Cut Seasonal Chocolat Dorayaki with reduced sugar content. The soft, cocoa-flavored dough is baked to a fluffy pancake-like texture and sandwiched between rich chocolate cream made with sugar-free couverture chocolate.

The use of couverture chocolate provides a rich chocolate flavor while reducing the amount of sugar. Sugar content has been reduced by replacing some of the sugar with less absorbable sugar and some of the flour with dietary fiber.

Each piece has 2.6 g of sugar (excluding erythritol and maltitol). Compared to the "Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan 2015 (7th Revision) Dorayaki," the sugar content has been cut by 88%.


"Sugar-cut Sweets"

Chateraise has been selling sugar-cut sweets since 2009. The lineup includes cakes, cream puffs, puddings, ice cream, chocolates, dorayaki, bread, and pizza. As a confectionary specialty store, we are particular about ingredients and production methods, and deliver sweets that cut sugar content but do not lose their deliciousness.