Kappa Sushi Sushi "Famous Restaurant Recipes" supervised by Kimura


Sushi will offer a "Meiten Recipe" menu supervised by "Sushi Kimura" in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo, from Wednesday, February 22 to Monday, March 20. The "Ki" in "Kimura" is a variant of the Chinese character for "Ki.

The "


Recipe" menu is supervised by Koji Kimura, the owner of "Sushi Ki Yuu". Mr. Kimura, who has established a new genre of "aged sushi" that overturns the conventional concept of sushi, will offer a Kappa Sushi original menu filled with his "technique," "attention to detail," and "ingenuity.

Sanriku Toroi-Eagle Mackerel with Negi-Salt Sesame Oil

A dish that recreates the master's handiwork in Kappa Sushi specifications. The Sanriku Toroi Eel is seasoned with a sprinkling of salt for optimum balance, topped with a heaping pile of green onions and drizzled with sesame oil. Accented with grated ginger.

Kappa Sushi "Sanriku Toroi Eel with Negi Salt and Sesame Oil

Two pieces for 187 yen (tax included, same as below). In-store eating and drinking only.


tuna with special avocado

cheese Marinated

salmon with special avocado cheese

Original dashi soy sauce and garlic soy sauce made with grated garlic. You can enjoy the texture and flavor achieved by paying attention to the marinating time and density. Topped with special avocado cheese (made with cheese food) prepared in the restaurant. Finished with a drizzle of carefully selected sesame oil.

Kappa Sushi "Pickled Tuna with Special Avocado Cheese
Marinated tuna with special avocado cheese

Kappa Sushi "Pickled Salmon with Special Avocado Cheese
Pickled salmon with special avocado cheese

Two pieces of each are priced at 242 yen. In-store eating and drinking only.

Ground Sansho Special Kami-ni-Ni-Agonago Oshi-Sushi O

shi-Sushi with ground

sansho Special Kami-ni-Agonago Oshi-Sushi

is made with a mixture of sweet and spicy shiitake mushrooms, dried dried dried gourd, sesame seeds, and rice topped with a layer of loosely minced Kami-ni-anago (sea eel), seared to perfection to give the dish an aromatic flavor, and gently sweetened egg yaki (omelet). Finished with ground sansho (Japanese pepper) seeds to give it a fresh aroma and a tangy spiciness. Two pieces for 363 yen.

Kappa Sushi "Ground Fresh Sansho Special Top Boiled Conger Oshizushi

Takeaway "Ground Fresh Sansho Special Oshizushi with Top Boiled Conger eel"

Sushi Kiyomu offers oshizushi as a souvenir. Eight slices for 1,425 yen.

Kappa Sushi's to-go "Ground Fresh Sansho Special Top Boiled Conger Oshizushi".

The product may run out of stock or be discontinued even during the sales period due to weather, availability, sales volume, or other factors.
Prices may differ at some stores.
Meiten Recipe" products are not aged sushi.