Kinokuniya "Strawberry Sweets Bag (Pink/Red)


Strawberry S

weets Bag Kinokuniya will sell a limited quantity of Strawberry Sweets Bags (pink/red) in conjunction with the "Strawberry Festival" starting January 20. Priced at 1,549 yen each (tax included). The sales period is from January 20 to early March.



Bag This sweets bag is designed in the image of pale pink and bright red strawberries. Focusing on strawberries, the bag contains strawberry-flavored tiramisu chocolate, strawberry-flavored waffles, special strawberry-flavored cookies, and strawberry-flavored eating candy (Koka Koto).

The contents of the bag are as follows

Tiramisu chocolate (strawberry), strawberry waffle, strawberry special cookies, Koka Koka eating candy, and a drawstring bag.

Kinokuniya "Strawberry Sweets Bag (Pink/Red)

Strawberry Festival will be held only at some stores.
Please contact each store for availability.
Delivery date and quantity may differ depending on the store. Please purchase as soon as possible.