KINOKUNIYA "Sakura Sweets Bag


"Sakura Sweets Bag", "Sakura Cookies" and "Color Mini Sweets Bag (Pink)"

KINOKUNIYA introduces gorgeous sweets bags "Sakura Sweets Bag" and "Sakura Cookies". They will go on sale in advance at the online store on February 14 at 1:00 p.m. and in stores on February 16. The "Color Mini Sweets Bag (Pink)" is on sale now.

SAKURA Sweets Bag

This popular set includes spring-only sakura cookies, polvorone with its unique hollowness, and baumkuchen in a SAKURA-colored bag that fits in the palm of your hand.

KINOKUNIYA "Sakura Sweets Bag

The mini bag in the color of SAKURA is perfect for the season and can be used as a bag-in-bag or a small container for small items after eating the baked sweets. They also make great little gifts. Priced at 1,490 yen (tax included, same as below).

Sakura Cookies

A set of slightly cherry blossom-flavored cookies and salt cookies with cherry blossoms cut out of them. Decorate a plate with them and your table will be in full bloom with cherry blossoms! Priced at 410 yen for 14 cookies and 745 yen for 24 cookies.

KINOKUNIYA "Sakura Cookie

Color Mini Sweets Bag (


) The limited-edition "Color Mini Sweets Bag (Pink)" is available only during this season at stores and online. These cute-sized mini bags contain three types of baked sweets: the ever-popular special cookies, icebox cookies, and brownies. The price is 712 yen.

KINOKUNIYA "Color Mini Sweets Bag (Pink)

Items handled vary by store.