Lotte "Bikkuri Manpour".
Angelic and bright daytime atmosphere

Lotte "Bikkuri Manpour".
Satanic and dark atmosphere at night

Lotte B

ikkuriman Pool A "Bikkuriman Pool" incorporating Lotte's "Bikkuriman" bonus candy in its design will open on the top floor of APA Hotel & Resort [Osaka Umeda Station Tower]. The popular chocolate character will be reflected in the design, which is perfect for the approaching Valentine's Day season, the guide said. The pool will be open year-round as a terrace, and will be open for swimming in the summer of 2023.

What is the Bikkuriman

Pool? The following is an overview of the Bikkuriman Pool. The services available vary depending on the time of year.

Address: APA Hotel & Resort Osaka Umeda Station Tower, 34F, 2-8-32 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
・ Size: 6.5m long x 3.0m wide x 1m deep
・ Swimming period: Early July to mid September 2023 *Available as a terrace year-round
・ Hours: 9:00 to 20:00
・ Usage fee: 2,000 yen per person per 60-minute session on weekdays (tax included, same below) / 2,500 yen per person per 60-minute session on weekends and holidays *Only for guests staying overnight or using the one-day plan: first-come, first-served at the front desk

What is Bikkuriman?

The Devil vs. Angel series, launched in 1985, became a social phenomenon, selling 400 million units a year. The BIKKURI MANPUR is an unexpected initiative to extend BIKKURI MAN's value of "surprising and surprising people.
APA Hotel & Resort [Osaka Umeda Station Tower] Bikkuri Manpuku
Address:2-8-32 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka