Menya Musashi "Tsuke Ghana 2017"
I'll do it this year too! "Tsuke Ghana 2017" at Menya Musashi

"Tsuke Ghana 2017" in collaboration with Lotte is now available at Menya Musashi's Shinjuku Sohonten, Hamamatsucho, and Shibaura stores. From February 3rd to 14th, each store will sell only 20 meals a day. The price is 1,080 yen (tax included).

Tsukemen menu for Valentine's Day, Tsukemen Ghana 2017. This year, the 9th year of collaboration, we used about 1.5 pieces of "Ghana milk" chocolate in one cup to make it look colorful.

Toppings include foie gras balls, pork bacon, and mixed vegetables. Foie gras balls are made by wrapping raw chocolate with roasted almonds in Ghana milk in foie gras terrine. It is also sprinkled with a bright red powder with a spicy scent.

Menya Musashi "Tsuke Ghana 2017"
Ghana milk is recommended to be eaten last

The soup is a soup made by adding 1.3 pieces of Ghana milk, beef consomme-based soup, and root vegetables such as burdock, carrot, and onion to add acidity to the accent. If you add foie gras balls to this soup and mix it, the fat of foie gras will melt and the depth of taste will expand.

Menya Musashi "Tsuke Ghana 2017"
The red powder is colored with beets