Morinaga "Mini Milk Chocolate Marie

Morinaga Seika Mini

Milk Chocolate Marie "Mini Milk Chocolate Marie" will be available from Morinaga Seika's long-selling brand "Marie", which is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The release date is February 7. The content is 24g (0.85oz).


Milk Chocolate Mar

ie The simple and gentle taste of "Marie" cookies, which make full use of the flavor of butter and milk ingredients, has been loved by parents, children, and grandchildren for over three generations since its launch in 1923. Mini Milk Chocolate Marie" is a bite-sized mini Marie biscuit coated with milk chocolate on one side. The combination of the fragrant, softly aromatic milk flavor and milk chocolate is an addictive chocolate combination cookie.

The "Mini Milk Chocolate Marie" is being sold to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the release of "Marie. They are perfect for a quick bite to eat or drink. Check them out when you see them!