Morinaga Seika "Frozen Cookie Dough [Marie]".

Morinaga Seika "

Frozen Cookie Dough


" From Morinaga Seika's "Frozen Cookie Dough" series, "Frozen Cookie Dough [Marie]" will be released on March 1 (Wednesday). It will be available at an open price.

Frozen Cookie Dough


series "Frozen Cookie Dough" series are confectionery ingredients that are sold in a finished (frozen) cookie dough state. The "Frozen Cookie Dough" series is characterized by the convenience of not having to gather, measure, or mix ingredients.

Frozen Cookie Dough [Marie]" is the third in the series, following "Frozen Cookie Dough [Moonlight]" and "Frozen Cookie Dough [Chocolate Chip]" released in September 2021. The series will be expanded and released due to the popularity of the first two products and the 100th anniversary of Morinaga Biscuit's "Marie".

Frozen Cookie Dough


Frozen cookie dough that can be handmade without failure. With simple processes of cutting, rolling, and baking, you can enjoy only the fun part of baking. Recommended for beginners and those who want to enjoy parent-child communication through baking.

Morinaga Seika "Frozen Cookie Dough [Marie]".

The flavor is inspired by Morinaga's "Marie" biscuits. You can enjoy the aroma and gentle taste of milk. Contents 120g (4.23oz).

* Can be cooked in the oven or toaster (not microwaveable).


"Marie" was first launched by Morinaga Seika in 1923 for the domestic market as one of 16 types of biscuits. The distinctive red package has been available since 1961. As the centerpiece of Morinaga's biscuits, the color continues to evoke the image of warm family love.

These cookies offer the savory taste of wheat and the gently spreading taste of milk. Its simple flavor allows you to enjoy it in many ways, such as dipping it in drinks, sandwiching it between your favorite things, or using it as an ingredient in sweets.