Morinaga Seika "Marie [Maple Caramel with Fermented Butter]" and "Rich Cocoa [Luxury Time with Marie]".


Seika "Marie [Maple Caramel with Fermented Butter]" and "Rich Cocoa [

Luxury Time to savor with Marie]" Morinaga Seika will release "Marie [Maple Caramel with Fermented Butter]" and "Rich Cocoa [Luxury Time to savor with Marie]" on Tuesday, January 31 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of "Marie" which was first released in 1923. Marie [Maple Caramel with Fermented Butter

Marie [Fermented Butter Maple


Marie, a simple cookie that makes the most of the flavors of butter and milk, has been loved by many people for three generations since its launch in 1923, from parents to children and grandchildren.

For the 100th anniversary, "Marie [Maple Caramel with Fermented Butter Flavor]" was developed as a special "Marie" under the supervision of famous pastry chef Hirohiro Tsujiguchi. While the aroma of fermented butter is at the top, the gentle sweetness of maple caramel can be felt.

Morinaga Seika "Marie [fermented butter-scented maple caramel]".

Contents 21 pieces, open price.

Rich Cocoa [Luxury Time to savor with Marie]

Cocoa commemorating Marie's 100th anniversary, supervised by chef Hiroki Tsujiguchi. The gently fragrant bergamot flavored cocoa is a perfect match for Marie.

Morinaga Seika "Rich Cocoa [Luxury Time to Taste with Marie]".

Contents 180g (6.35oz), open price.



Launched by Morinaga Seika in 1923 for the domestic market, it was one of 16 types of biscuits. The red package has appeared since 1961, and as the centerpiece of Morinaga's cookies, the color continues to evoke the image of warm family love.

These cookies offer the savory taste of wheat and the gently spreading taste of milk. Its simple flavor allows you to enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as dipping it in drinks, sandwiching it between your favorite foods, or using it as an ingredient in sweets.