Korakuen "Vegan Gyoza
vegan gyoza

Korakuen Vegan Gyoza

A new menu item from Korakuen will be "Vegan Gyoza". Under the supervision of Chef Shusaku Toba of "sio," the dumplings are made without using animal ingredients and have a delicious flavor. The product will go on sale on January 18, 2023. The price is 280 yen per plate (tax included).

Korakuen Vegan Gyoza

The Vegetable


, which has been on sale at Korakuen since 2019, does not contain meat, but some animal ingredients are used.

This time, under the supervision of Chef Shusaku Toba, the new product has been devised so that it can be delicious without using animal-based ingredients. The ingredients are a combination of cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, onions, leeks, bamboo shoots, chives, and shiso leaves, with soy-based protein as the main ingredient.

The green skin with spinach powder kneaded into it is made chewy and crispy by adjusting the temperature and time of the dough kneading seasonally and paying attention to the amount of water.