Gyoza no Ousho "Luxurious Stir-Fried Rich Loin Ham and Chive Balls
Stir-fried rich loin ham with leek and egg

Gyoza no

Ousho: Luxurious St

ir-Fried Chives with Rich Loose Ham Gyoza no Ousho will introduce a new menu item, "Luxurious Stir-Fried Chives with Rich Loose Ham," which will be available from February 10, 2023.

Rich Loose


" from Nippon Ham is used in this premium stir-fried leek and egg dish. You can enjoy the mild flavor of the rich loin ham and the texture of the softly baked egg and chives. It is described as a perfect accompaniment to rice or as a snack for alcoholic beverages.

The price is 640 yen (tax included, same as below) for a single item when eating in. The set includes 3 gyoza, medium rice, and soup for 970 yen. To go is 628 yen, plus 10 yen per container.

Gyoza no Ousho "Luxurious Stir-Fried Rich Loin Ham and Chive Balls


Loose Ham" is a popular menu item from Nippon Ham. Rich Roast Ham" is Nihon Ham's popular menu item. It is a slightly thicker, JAS-class roast ham that makes full use of the shape of the loin. It is smoked to give it a mild meaty flavor.

In principle, the "Luxury Stir-Fried Rich Loin Ham with Chives and Bean Curd" using this rich loin ham is available at "Gyoza Ohsho" and "GYOZA OHSHO" stores nationwide, but some stores are excluded from the list.