Pizza Hut "Eat to your heart's content" (Pizza Hut)


Hut will be offering a "Eat it and enjoy it, for free" discount program from October 11 to October 26, where you can enjoy pizza from 590 yen (tax included, same as below). Various discount services will be offered, including "Eat it Yo Tom Discount for One," "Eat it Yo Tom Discount for All," and "Eat it Yo Tom Discount for Weekday Lunch as well.

The stores offering these specials can be found on the official Pizza Hut website.



Pizza Hut "Eat Alone, Tam Tam Discount"

Discount service for one person: 200 yen off 8 types of "MY BOX" which includes S size pizza, "Hut" fries and 2 chicken nuggets, and 150 yen off 4 types of "Hut Melts" which includes Hut Melts, "Hut" fries and 2 dipping sauces. Hut Melts with "hat" fries and two dipping sauces will be discounted by 150 yen.

Eligible MY BOX items are "Pizza Hut Margherita," "Yumitsuki Anchovy Olive," "Cream Cheese Bacon," "Deluxe," "Sicilian Style Pizza," "Juicy Thick Cut Iberico," "Tokuma Bulgogi" and "Seafood with Rich Omar Sauce.

Target Hut Melts are "Bacon Potato Mayo", "Margherita", "Spicy Chicken", and "Meat Lover".

Let's Eat Together - Tum Discount

Pizza Hut "Let's Eat Together - Tam Tam Discount".

A take-out-only discount service offering 7 types of M-size pizzas, including 5 new items on the menu, for 777-999 yen.

Eligible pizzas include the Pizza Hut Margherita, Jaga Mayo Corn, Tsubushibu Honeymouth Sausage, Hut Mentaiko Mayo, Umauma Avocado Bacon, Jalapeno Chili Salsa, and Utaba no Enjoy 4.

Eat weekday lunch too

Pizza Hut "Eat Weekday Lunch, Too - Tamu Tamu Discount".

Discount service available only on weekdays from 11:00 to 16:00. Enjoy the "Shiba's Enjoy 4 (medium size)" and "Hat" Fries (medium size) for only 1,100 yen.

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