Missed "Pokemon Pudding Donut".


. Donut "Pokemon Pudding Doughnuts" Pokemon Pudding Doughnuts, featuring the Pokemon Pudding that sings a soothing song, will be available at Mr. Donut from Thursday, December 1 until the end of December for a limited time only.


Pudding Doughnut The new doughnut is Pudding, the Pokemon that sings a soothing song. The soft yeast dough is filled with smooth whipped cream. Pudding's characteristic cute bangs are represented by whipped cream.

Missed "Pokemon Pudding Donut".

The large light blue eyes and triangular ears are made of chocolate. The pudding is coated with Mr. Donut's popular strawberry chocolate, and looks as if it is about to sing a song. The price is 291 yen (tax included) for To go and 297 yen (tax included) for eat-in.

In addition, "Pikachu Snowman Donut," "Pokemon Pikachu Donut," "Suyasuya Pikachu Donut," "Fluffy Pudding Donut," "Sparkling Pikachu Snowman Donut," and three types of "Pon de Reese" that have been on sale since November will remain on sale.
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