Kanro: "Buttercandy's flying!"



Candy Kanro has re-released "Butter Candy Flying" which became a hot topic on SNS for its catchy product name. The product weighs 26 grams and is priced at 128 yen (tax included).


Candy Flying" is made with fermented butter produced in Hokkaido, and has a rich taste of fermented butter that is different from the standard milk or cream candies, which are thicker candies. You can taste the guilty and happy feeling as if you are eating butter as it is.

The butter is added after the heat treatment process in the manufacturing process to bring out the richness and aroma of the fermented butter, so that the rich flavor of the fermented butter itself can be enjoyed. The candy is shaped like a cute rectangle, reminiscent of cubes of butter, and the package is designed to look like a whole package of butter, with the catchy and impactful "You've never licked butter before, it flies! The package is designed with a catchy and impactful "You've never licked butter before, it's going to fly.

Butter, you've never licked butter before, it's going to fly.

In recent years, "butter" with a sense of "immorality" has become a major trend, and the number of stores specializing in fermented butter has increased. A variety of products that allow you to taste the butter itself have become the talk of the town. In response to the recent butter boom, Kanro released "Butter Candy Flying" in February this year. The product became a hot topic on social networking sites for its catchy name and "just like butter!

In response to the "Let's Fly" copy, the product became a hot topic of conversation among SNS users, with comments such as "It flew" and "It didn't fly," and was sold out in the blink of an eye.