KALDI Coffee Farm White Day Gift

KALDI Coffee Farm White Day Gifts

KALDI Coffee Farm will be selling a series of products that are perfect for White Day gifts. Here are some of them.

Pierogrman Lollipop Candy Fruit Assortment / Caramel

Lollipop Candy from Pierogrman, a long-established French confectionery maker, is newly released. These candies make the most of the flavors of the ingredients. The lineup includes "Fruit Assortment" with five different flavors of lemon, raspberry, pomegranate, peach, and grapefruit, and milky "Caramel".

Clown Gourmand Lollipop Candy Fruit Assortment
Fruit assortment

Clown Gourmand Lollipop Candy Caramel
caramel (browned sugar used as flavouring)

Priced at 498 yen each (tax included, same below), the products will go on sale sequentially from late February.

Original Fruit Caramel (Strawberry & Apple)

A caramel assortment of salted butter caramels from Brittany, France, kneaded with strawberry and apple pulp. The salt from Guerande enhances the richness of the butter, and the rich sweetness fills the mouth.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Fruit Caramel (Strawberry & Apple)

Priced at 615 yen, it will go on sale sequentially from mid-February.

Original Spring Tins

Newly released embossed canister tins with floral designs and pastel colors that remind one of spring. The bite-sized chocolate chip scones are perfect with coffee. Price: 734 yen.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Spring Can

Original Chocolate Spretto Orange (with spoon

) A luxurious spread that is eaten with a spoon. Fruity high cacao chocolate made from Samoan cacao with a refreshing orange flavor.

KALDI Coffee Farm "Original Chocolate Spritz Orange with Spoon

Priced at 720 yen, the product will go on sale sequentially from mid-February.

The product is available in limited quantities and will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.
Availability may vary by store.
The image is for illustrative purposes only. Product prices, contents, and designs are subject to change.