Marunaga Aisu-manju Kinako Warabimochi

7-ELEVEN New Arrival Sweets Summary (sequential release after September 12-13

, 2023) New products will be sequentially released at 7-ELEVEN from September 12-13, 2023. We will introduce a selection of newly arrived sweets and ice cream that we are interested in. The new arrivals include "Autumn Sanshoku Dango with Koshi An", "Marunaga Aisu Manju Kinako Warabimochi", and "Fujiya Ichibu Milky Ice Cream".

All images are from 7-ELEVEN's official website
* Availability may vary by region and store.

7Premium Vanilla Cream Sandwich 2 pieces

. Vanilla cream is sandwiched between moist sponge dough. The dotted pattern looks cute. It is a perfect snack with a cake-like texture. The price is 159.84 yen (tax included).

Premium Vanilla Cream Sandwich 2pcs.

Custard Pudding

A pudding with a smooth texture baked in hot water. Due to the rising cost of ingredients, the price without tax will be changed from 220 yen to 240 yen. The price is 259.20 yen (including tax).

custard pudding

Otsukimi Roll Cake

: Softly baked roll dough with thick cream and custard resembling the moon, carefully rolled and cut one by one. The price is 248.40 yen (tax included).

Otsukimi Roll Cake

Gâteau au

chocolat with a soft and flaky texture Gâteau au chocolat with a soft and flaky texture made with the finest chocolate. Price: 421.20 yen (tax included).

Loose texture gateau chocolat

Autumn Sanshoku Dango with


An (

sweet red bean paste) The three-color dumpling is made with mochi mochi dumpling dough and koshi-an (sweet red bean paste), giving it an autumnal flavor. The price is 162 yen.

Autumn three-color dumpling with Koshi An (red bean paste)

Otsukimi Zenzai (Zenzai for moon viewing)

: Zenzai made with azuki

beans produced in Tok

achi, Hokkaido, and topped with a yellowish white bean paste to resemble the moon on the night of the 15th. The zenzai is made with Hokkaido-Tokachi red beans and shiratama (white bean curd). The price is 313.20 yen (tax included).

Otsukimi Zenzai with red beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido

Marunaga Aisu-manju Kinako Warabimochi

Price: 172.80 yen (tax included)

Marunaga Aisu-manju Kinako Warabimochi

Fujiya Bite of Milky Ice Cream

price is 213.84 yen (tax included).

Fujiya Bite Milky Ice Cream

Lotte Yukimi-dakkou Kokoku no Chocolat

price is 172.80 yen (tax included).

Lotte Yukimi-dakkoku Koku no Chocolat

Morinaga Crunchy Sandwich

price: 172.80 yen (tax included).

Morinaga's Crunchy Sandwich

7Premium Waffle Cone Chocolate & Milk

Due to rising raw material prices, the quality has been improved and the selling price will be changed from 228 yen (excluding tax) to 248 yen (excluding tax). The new product offers a well-balanced taste of rich chocolate and refreshing milk. The price is 267.84 yen (including tax). The release date is September 16.

7Premium Waffle Cone Chocolate & Milk

7Premium Sweets Parfait Strawberry Cheesecake

A parfait ice cream for fall and winter with a sweet taste, inspired by strawberry cheesecake. It is priced at 321.84 yen (tax included).

 7Premium Sweet Parfait Strawberry Cheesecake

Ohayo Thick Raw Chocolate Multi

Priced at 432 yen (tax included).

Ohayo Thick Raw Chocolate Multi