Snoopy's Tea SNOOTEA "Chocolat Tea



SNOOTEA black tea in a can with "Snoopy" and his "Peanuts" friends is now available in a "Chocolat Tea" suitable for the winter season. 2.2g (0.07oz) x 5 pieces = 11g (0.39oz) (3 pieces with Snoopy tag). (2.2g (0.07oz) x 5 pieces = 11g (0.39oz) (triangular tea bag with Snoopy tag)). Comes with an explanation card. The price is 999 yen (tax included).



Tea "Snooty Chocolat Tea" is a blend with a taste perfect for winter, which was well received in winter 2021, and will be available in 2022 in response to requests for a new look.

Chocolat Tea is a well-balanced blend of black tea leaves from India, Sri Lanka, and Kenya to evoke the alluring taste of chocolate, and the addition of cacao nibs, an ingredient in chocolate, adds a savory-sweet flavor of cacao to the deep black tea taste. The tea is also recommended as a milk tea.

Milk tea is also recommended, and the tea can be arranged with whipped cream or marshmallows. It also goes well with fruits such as strawberries, oranges, bananas, and nuts, making it ideal for Christmas tea parties and Valentine's Day gifts.

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