Snooty "Strawberry Vanilla Blend" and "Chai Blend"

Black tea with a cute Snoopy design " SNOOTEA ". I have reviewed "Ceylon Blend" and "Caramel Blend" before, but this time I will introduce "Strawberry Vanilla Blend" and "Chai Blend".

◆ What kind of product?

The tea is blended by Shuntaro Kumasaki, a tea blender who develops Fille Blue tea. It is blended with the image of the world of peanuts to match the water of Japan. In consideration of the global environment, the tea bag material is a "biodegradable filter" instead of paper or nylon. Each can contains 6 tea bags, and the purchase price at the plaza is 1,080 yen (tax included).

◆ Strawberry vanilla blend

Tea inspired by the lively American tea time where cakes are lined up. Based on Ceylon, Assam and Kenya are added to create a strawberry and vanilla flavor. The bright red can like a strawberry is designed with Snoopy reading a love letter (?). Even the tags with PEANUTS friends are cute.

Snooty "Strawberry Vanilla Blend"

Put a tea bag in 160cc of hot water and extract for 2 minutes. A fruity strawberry flavor that blends in with the refreshing taste of black tea. Finally, the sweet scent of vanilla gently escapes into your nose. Impression that is sweet without adding sugar. Add fluffy frothed milk or marshmallows and arrange to make it look like a sweet.

Snooty "Strawberry Vanilla Blend"

◆ Chai Blend

A well-balanced addition of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger to high-quality Indian Assam tea, flavored with cloves and fennel. It is made with particular attention to the type and balance of spices so that it is delicious even straight. The milk tea color can is designed with Snoopy and Woodstock in a good mood.

Snooty "Chai Blend"

Put a tea bag in 160cc of hot water and extract for 3 to 5 minutes. The first thing I feel is the powerful richness of Assam. Then the spicy flavor of cinnamon and ginger spreads gently. Even if you drink it straight, it has a deep and calming taste. Of course, it's great for milk tea.

Snooty "Strawberry Vanilla Blend" and "Chai Blend"

Not only cute cans and tags, but also deliciousness is very satisfying "Snooty". Why don't you have a good tea time with Snoopy?

Snooty "Strawberry Vanilla Blend" and "Chai Blend"

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