Yayoiken "Ginger hot pot set meal", "Tororo ginger hot pot", "Chige set meal", "Spicy chige set meal

Ginger Nabe Set Meal", "Tororo Ginger Nabe", "Chige Set Meal

" and "Spicy and

Delicious Chige Set Me

al" will be available at Yayoiken from November 15. The lineup also includes To go set meals at home.

Ginger nabe

set meal with fried horse mackerel

The ginger nabe is a soy sauce-based soup with the flavor of bonito and scallop and ginger. It is topped with plenty of crispy potherb mustard and Japanese grated ginger for a gentle flavor. Accompanied by plump fried horse mackerel. Priced at 930 yen (tax included, same as below).

Yayoiken "[With fried horse mackerel] ginger hot pot set meal".

You can choose whether or not to have the garnish according to your preference. The price without a small bowl is 820 yen. The price for a single fried horse mackerel is 200 yen.

Tororo Shoga Nabe

Set Meal with F

ried Horse Mackerel Tororo Shoga Nabe, served with fluffy Japanese yam, is also available. The meat and vegetables are mixed with the grated yam, creating a satisfying finish. The price is 1,050 yen. The set menu without a small bowl is priced at 940 yen.

Yayoiken "Tororo ginger hot pot set meal with fried horse mackerel

Yayoiken's chige

set meal (with karaage

) is a delicious soup that combines the flavor of seafood such as scallops and shrimp with the richness of Shinshu miso and the spiciness of gochujang (red pepper paste). You can choose whether or not to have a small bowl of the ever-popular juicy fried bean curd. The price is 930 yen. The price without a small bowl is 820 yen.

Yayoiken "[With fried bean curd] chige set meal

For those who want a more stimulating spiciness, the "Spicy Chige"

set meal

is also available with a special spicy chili powder made from a blend of four kinds of chili peppers. The price is 990 yen. 880 yen without a small bowl.

Yayoiken "Spicy Chige Set Meal with Fried Chicken

The lineup also includes To go home set menus.

[To go] ginger hot pot 820 yen

Yayoiken "[To go] ginger hot pot

[To go] Tororo ginger nabe: 940 yen

Yayoiken "[To go] Tororo ginger hot pot

[To go]Chige 760 yen

Yayoiken "[To go] Chige

[To go]Spicy chige 820 yen

Yayoiken "[To go] Spicy Chige

Fried horse mackerels are not included with [To go] ginger nabe and [To go] grated yam and ginger.
To go] Chige and [To go] Spicy and delicious chige do not come with the accompanying fried horse mackerel and egg.