KONNYAKUHATSU Pudding Flavor" from Mannan Life




"KONNYAKU HATSU Pudding Flavor" is now available from Mannan Life. Limited time offer.



Flavor New pudding flavor from KONNYAKUHATA! Is it pudding? Is it jelly? This is the new sweet konnyaku-bata pudding flavor. The unique texture created by the characteristics of Konnyaku Hata goes perfectly with the pudding flavor. It is dairy- and egg-free, so even those with allergies can enjoy it without worry.

The perfect balance of custard and caramel has been carefully balanced to create a rich pudding flavor that is perfect for the elasticity of konnyaku fields. This was our first attempt at developing a pudding flavor, and we were not only focused on the flavor, but also on how it would go well with the texture of konnyaku fields. The rich taste of this new konnyaku field will make you want to eat it even during the cold season.