Mannan Life "KONNYAKUHATSU Ume Flavor

Mannan Life sells "Konnyaku Hatake Ume Flavor. Contents 300g (10.58oz).

Konnyaku-bata Ume Flavor

Since its launch in 1993, the popular konnyaku-bata plum flavor has been loved as a seasonal item, and many requests for it have been received by the Customer Service Center. 〜the konnyaku-bata flavor won third place out of 6,145 votes cast, following the standard grape and white peach flavors, and was the top-ranked seasonal product.

The product uses Wakayama Prefecture-grown plum juice to express the refreshing sourness and elegant aroma and taste characteristic of plum, making it the perfect summer flavor. The moment the bottle is opened, it releases a mellow and sour aroma, making you feel cool even in the hot summer. The refreshing taste reminiscent of "green ume" from the previous release has been retained, with an added richness that gives it a luxurious flavor. It also expresses the elements of ume (plum) wine for adult tastes by using authentic ume (plum) wine that is made with the utmost care. Enjoy the taste for adults.