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's "Honey Potato

Dessert" Sweet Potato Menu

Denny's will start selling "Honey Potato Dessert" using "Beni-Tenshi", a moist and sweet sweet sweet potato. 5 menu items will be available.

Last year, for the first time, Denny's sold a dessert specializing in sweet potatoes, which was a great success. This year, Denny's has enhanced the sweetness of the sweet potatoes and made them even more delicious than last year.

Honey Potato Mont


Sundae "Honey Potato Mont Blanc Sundae" is a sundae with sweet potatoes as the main ingredient, which is suitable for the harvest season. It is decorated with a sticky sweet "Beni Tenshi" baked sweet potato from Ibaraki Prefecture and a smooth Anno sweet potato paste. This dessert is a mix of Japanese and Western flavors, with a variety of ingredients such as ice cream, French toast, and granola, and Japanese touches such as boiled adzuki beans and shiratama (white rice balls) added. Priced at 1,090 yen (tax included).

Denny's "Mont Blanc Sundae with honey potatoes


Mini Parfait "Mitsui-imo Mini Parfait" is a mini parfait that condenses the charm of taro into a glass. The baked sweet potato "Beni Tenshi" from Ibaraki Prefecture and Anno sweet potato paste have a somewhat comforting taste. Simple ingredients such as sweet potato ice cream, vanilla ice cream, milk gelato, boiled adzuki beans, and white honey jelly are combined to bring out the best flavor of the oimo. Recommended as an after-dinner dessert or for those who find the full size a bit too large. Priced at 540 yen.

Denny's "Honey Potato Mini Parfait

Honey Potato


"Honey Potato Pancake" is an upgraded version of last year's very popular sweet potato pancake. It is topped with four pieces of "Beni Tenshi" baked sweet potatoes produced in Ibaraki Prefecture, which are known for their sticky sweetness. Smooth Anno sweet potato paste and mellow mascarpone cream are added for a rich taste. This hot and cold sweet treat is perfect for the season, and can be enjoyed with cool milk gelato or sweet potato ice cream. Price: 790 yen.

Denny's "Honey Potato Dusted Pancake

Honey Potato


Parfait "Honey Potato Tiramisu Parfait" is a reasonably priced dessert with the gentle sweetness of baked sweet potatoes. You can taste "Beni Tenshi" baked sweet potatoes and Anno sweet potato paste. Underneath the flavorful cacao powder is a mild mascarpone cream and fluffy whipped cream. It tastes just like tiramisu. Perfect for when you want something a little sweeter. Price: 440 yen.

Denny's "Honey Potato Tiramisu Parfait

Homemade Galette with Honey Imo


"Homemade Galette with Honey Imo Roll" is a Japanese-style sweet with sweet potatoes, Anno sweet potato paste, boiled adzuki beans, and whipped cream wrapped around a galette baked at the store. The elegant sweetness and moderate size are also a nice point. Recommended as an accompaniment to tea time in the deepening autumn. The price is 340 yen.

Denny's "Homemade Galette Honey Potato Rolls"

* Some stores may not sell this sweet at certain times of the day or may offer it in a different form.