Denny's "The Sundae of Muskmelon

Denny's Shizuoka Prefecture Muskmelon Dessert

Denny's will begin selling Shizuoka Prefecture muskmelon desserts, characterized by their elegant sweetness and mellow aroma, on Tuesday, April 18 for a limited time only.

Shizuoka muskmelon


: Last year was the first time that Denny's sold a dessert using muskmelon, and it was a big hit. This year, the desserts have been re-packaged and are now available in four varieties at reasonable prices starting at 390 yen.

The muskmelon is named for its noble fragrance. The melon is characterized by its noble aroma, sweetness, and melt-in-your-mouth texture, and the overflowing juice leaves a rich aftertaste. Denny's offers the finest muskmelons grown in a greenhouse in Shizuoka, the best place for melon cultivation, where only one fruit per tree is carefully nurtured under the full sun.

The Sunday of the mus

kmelon The muskmelon from Shizuoka Prefecture has a refined aroma, sweetness, and smooth pulp full of juice that is exceptional. The sundae is filled with a variety of melon-based ingredients, including cream, jelly, sorbet, and homemade sauce. Mascarpone cream and milk gelato enhance the elegant flavor. Crunchy and moist white chocolate crumble adds fun to the texture. Priced at 1,990 yen (tax included, same as below).

Denny's "The Sundae of Muskmelon

Muskmelon Parfait

: A fragrant mini parfait starring muskmelons from Shizuoka Prefecture. The rounded melon has a cute, rounded appearance. The parfait is made of jelly, sorbet, cream, sauce, and a variety of other melon-flavored ingredients. Even in miniature size, the melon can be felt well, making it a good choice for tea time or after-dinner dessert. Priced at 750 yen.

Denny's "Muskmelon Parfait

Muskmelon Chokotto Parfait

: A dessert that satisfies the "I want a little bit of it" craving. Fresh Shizuoka muskmelon, smooth melon cream, melon jelly with a soft and fluffy texture, and homemade melon sauce are combined in a well-balanced manner to create an elegant taste. The price is 490 yen.

Denny's "A little parfait of muskmelon

Melon in Jelly

: Fresh Shizuoka muskmelon, cool sorbet, jelly, and homemade fruity sauce are combined to create a fresh melon flavor in a glass. The transparent, pale green jelly creates a cool atmosphere. Priced at 390 yen.

Denny's "Melon in Jelly"

Tea Time Set

A special set menu sold only from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on all days. Includes one of four muskmelon desserts + one of six side dishes + drink.

Denny's Tea Time Set

The number of items sold per day is limited depending on availability. Sales will end when the planned quantity is reached.