Denny's Peach Dessert

Denny's will start selling a peach dessert using peaches of the right region and variety for the summer season on July 5.

Denny's Peach Dessert

The peach dessert is one of the most popular seasonal fresh fruit desserts available all year round. The peaches are cut larger than last year, making them more satisfying. This year's lineup includes a total of five varieties.

Peaches used in Denny's Peach Dessert

Denny's sweet and mellow peaches are relayed from Yamanashi and Fukushima prefectures in Japan, where they are grown in the best condition. The peaches are carefully grown by hand, with a skilled eye to ensure that each fruit receives ample sunlight, and then shipped under thorough management and peeled and served at the store.

Peaches used in Denny's Peach Dessert

The Sundae with Dripping Peaches

Peach cream, peach jelly, and peach sauce are combined and lavishly topped with homemade compote. French toast and mild mascarpone cream create a rich flavor. The ensemble of diverse ingredients, including plum sorbet and raspberry cream cheese ice cream, can be savored to one's heart's content. The price is 1,540 yen (tax included).

Denny's "The Sundae with Dripping Peaches

Peach Milk Pudding Mini Parfait

The collaboration of milk pudding and peaches is a treat only available in mini parfait. The peach compote, mild peach cream, smooth peach jelly, and fruity peach sauce are all ingredients that make you taste peaches. The mascarpone cream and refreshing milk gelato add to the elegant and gentle taste. The price is 840 yen.

Denny's "Peach Milk Pudding Mini Parfait

French Toast Peach Parfait

A seasonal glass dessert combining homemade French toast and peaches. The beautifully layered layers of mellow peach cream, fluffy French toast, and white chocolate crumble with a crunchy texture will bring a smile to your face. The simplicity of this sweet makes the deliciousness of the ingredients stand out. The price is 640 yen.

Denny's "Peach Parfait on French Toast

Peach jelly

A refreshing jellied seasonal peach. The peach jelly has an elegant aroma and sweetness, and its translucent peach color is cool to the eye. With its refreshing taste, it is recommended as an after-dinner dessert. Price: 340 yen.

Denny's "Peach in Jelly

Ice with Peach Milk

Soft shaved ice topped with peach compote. Large peaches are cut into large pieces and placed on top. The flavorful peach sauce has a gentle aroma and sweetness that is nostalgic for adults and familiar to children. The price is 840 yen.

Denny's "Ice Peach Milk

Some stores may not sell it during certain hours or may tailor it differently.