Denny's Lemon Dessert

A lemon dessert perfect for early summer will be available at Denny's on May 24.

Denny's Lemon Dessert

Last year, Denny's sold lemon desserts for the first time and they were very popular. The dessert lineup features lemons, which often play a supporting role, as the star of the show, and offers a new appeal of lemons at an affordable price starting from 280 yen.

The Sundae of Sunny Lemon

Lemon takes center stage in this sundae, enveloped in a refreshing lemon aroma. The smooth lemon cheese cream and mild lemon cheese ice cream have a rich cheese flavor with a light aftertaste. Two types of lemon slices, fresh and in syrup, decorate the glass. The dessert is full of lemon with rich lemon curd, jelly, sorbet, and sauce. Priced at 890 yen (tax included, same below).

Denny's "The Sundae of Sunny Lemon

Sunny Lemon Mini Parfait

This parfait offers the full flavor of lemon with rich lemon cheese cream, lemon cheese ice cream, thick lemon curd, refreshing lemon sorbet, and lemon jelly with a hint of vanilla. The mild milk pudding and refreshing lemon are a perfect match. Priced at 480 yen.

Denny's "Sunny Lemon Mini Parfait".

French Toast with a Little Lemon Parfait

A reasonable size that is great when you want something a little sweet. Inside the glass is a soft and moist homemade French toast. On top of that is a layer of lemon cheese cream, topped with lemon cheese ice cream. The moderate richness of the cheese enhances the refreshing flavor of the lemon. The price is 390 yen.

Denny's "A Little Lemon Parfait on French Toast

Lemon Jelly

A cool and refreshing glass dessert with the flavor of lemon locked in. The lemon jelly, which goes down smoothly, is a refreshingly sweet combination of lemon puree and honey. The refreshing lemon flavor and a hint of vanilla flavor will soothe you. The price is 280 yen.

Denny's "Jellied Lemon"

Homemade galette with honey lemon and cheese

The lemon flavor and richness of the cheese pair well with the freshly baked galette. Mild lemon cheese cream, banana and granola are combined. Accompanied by lemon cheese ice cream, lemon curd, lemon sauce, and lemon in syrup, this dish is full of lemon charm. It is finished with the perfect amount of sweet and sour with a drizzle of honey that goes well with it. Price: 790 yen.

Denny's "Homemade Galette with Honey Lemon and Cheese

Lemon and Cheese Cream Pancakes

Denny's signature pancakes are lined with lemon slices in syrup for a lovely looking dessert. The lemon cheese cream and lemon cheese ice cream, which look white, have a rich yet clean taste of cheese. The rich lemon curd is exceptional with the mild flavor of eggs and butter and the firm acidity of lemon. Priced at 650 yen.

Denny's "Lemon and Cheese Cream Pancakes"

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