Ministop "Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Mont Blanc

Here is a roundup of Halloween products to be sold at Ministop. The lineup of the seven products of note is shown here. Each product is sold in a different area.

Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is made with rich and mild tasting Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin. The slightly salty pumpkin cake has a white bean jam base and is topped with caramel mousse, maple caramel sauce, and pumpkin cream. Priced at 324 yen (tax included), it will go on sale on October 18.

Ministop "Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Mont Blanc

Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Pudding

A rich and sticky pumpkin pudding made with Hokkaido Ebisu pumpkin paste. It is combined with whipped cream made from pure Hokkaido whipped cream and bitter caramel sauce. The price is 226.80 yen. The product will go on sale on October 18.

Ministop "Hokkaido Ebisu Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Stick Pie

Pie dough is filled with pumpkin filling made from Hokkaido pumpkin bean paste and baked into easy-to-eat sticks. The cute pumpkin design packaging will get you in the mood for Halloween. The price is 127.44 yen. The pie will go on sale on October 18 in Aomori, Tohoku, and Kanto regions; October 19 in Tokai, Kinki, and Shikoku regions; and October 20 in Kyushu region.

Ministop "Pumpkin Stick Pie"

My Melody Black Tea Brownie

A glass with a My Melody Halloween-inspired design contains a black tea brownie. The glass can be reused as a cup for daily use or as a container for homemade sweets.

MINISTOP "My Melody Tea Brownie

Kuromi Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate brownie in a glass with a design inspired by Kuromi's Halloween.

Ministop "Kromi Chocolate Brownie

My Melody Tea Brownie and Kuromi Choco Brownie are priced at 465.30 yen. They will be on sale from October 25 to November 5. Delivery quantity varies by store and will end as soon as they are gone.

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Pair Salad (Purple Potato & Pumpkin)

A combination of purple potato salad and pumpkin salad in Halloween colors. The price is 278.64 yen. The product will go on sale on October 25. Available in the Tohoku, Kanto, Tokai, Kinki, and Shikoku regions.

Ministop "Pear Salad (Purple Potato & Pumpkin)

Two kinds of sweet delicacies (pumpkin & sweet potato)

Kabocha pumpkin, which retains its crunchy texture, and sweet potato salad made with "Beniharuka" sweet potatoes grown in Kyushu. Sweet and sour cranberries enhance the sweetness of the pumpkin and sweet potato. The price is 235.44 yen. The product will go on sale on October 25. The product will be available in Kyushu.

Ministop "2 Kinds of Sweets Deli (Pumpkin & Sweet Potato)