Chateraise "Purte Pistachio & Sweet Chocolate

Check out all the new ice cream from Chateraise! Purte Pistachio & Sweet Chocolate and Cookies on Ice.

Purte Pistachio & Sweet Chocolate

Smooth pistachio ice cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream and pistachio paste is coated with cocoa-like sweet chocolate mixed with sweet and sour crispy raspberry chips. The smooth melting pistachio ice cream and the sweet chocolate with rich cacao flavor melt together in the mouth, creating a rich and slightly luxurious ice cream. Prices start at 80 yen per piece (excluding tax, same as below).

Chateraise "Purte Pistachio & Sweet Chocolate

Cookie on Ice Cream

A rich vanilla ice cream made with fresh Hokkaido cream is topped with homemade butter graham cookies and coated with sweet chocolate to create a visually pleasing ice cream bar. The savory flavor of the butter graham cookie, the cacao taste of the sweet chocolate, and the milky taste of the ice cream fill the mouth, creating a satisfying and luxurious flavor. Prices start at 100 yen per bar.

Shateraise "Cookies on Ice