Chateraise "Yawaraka Ice Bar Amaou Strawberry".

Check out the new ice cream products from Chateraise! Yawaraka Ice Bar Amao Strawberry, Yawaraka Ice Bar Yamanashi Hakuto, Hakushu Meisui Kakigori Tsubushibu Ome, and Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Oranje.

Yawaraka Ice Bar: White Peaches Grown in Yamanashi Prefecture

Soft shaved ice with a soft texture made with ice from Hakushu Meisui in the Southern Alps and sweet and sour yogurt-flavored ice mixed with white peach pulp, wrapped in a fruity white peach popsicle made with white peach puree from Yamanashi Prefecture. Priced at 80 yen per popsicle (tax not included), or 400 yen for a six-pack.

Chateraise "Yawaraka Ice Bar: Yamanashi Shiroko Peach

Soft ice bar "Amao Strawberry

Shaved ice with a soft texture made of ice from Hakushu famous water in the Southern Alps and milk strawberry-flavored ice cream mixed with strawberry pulp, wrapped in sweet and sour fruity strawberry ice cream made from Amao puree. Priced at 80 yen per piece and 400 yen for a six-pack.

Chateraise "Yawaraka Ice Bar Amaou Strawberry".

Hakushu Meisui Shaved Ice with Mushibu Ume

Shaved ice with a slight sourness from green plums is mixed with green plum pulp and topped with a sweet and sour sauce made from plum puree. The mixture of ume pulp gives the shaved ice a satisfying texture and allows you to enjoy the pulpy feeling of the ume. The refreshing sourness of the green plum juice and the sweet and sour taste of the green plum sauce enhance the flavor of this shaved ice. Priced at 100 yen per piece, or 370 yen for a pack of four.

Shateraise "Hakushu Meisui Shaved Ice with Crunchy Green Plum

Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Orange

Refreshingly sour orange ice cream made with Valencia orange juice is wrapped in sweet chocolate with crispy colorful chips. The peel of the orange ice cream, the savory caramel chips, and the cocoa flavor of the sweet chocolate bring out the bittersweet flavor for adults. Each bag contains 20 pieces and is priced at 340 yen.

Chateraise "Dessert Chocolat Ball Chocolat Orange