Takara Shuzo "Glorious "Maruoroshi" [Red grape]".

Takara Shuzo will release "Glorious 'Maruoroshi' [Red Grapes]" for a limited time, a renewal of the "Glorious 'Gokujo Fruits Sour' [Maruoroshi Red Grapes]" which was released in 2021 and was very popular. The alcohol content is 6%. Fruit juice content is 13%. The product will go on sale on October 11.

The "Glorious 'Maruoroshi'" series is a series of authentic fruit sours with a rich taste as if the whole fruit has been grated down to the skin. The base alcohol is made from Takara Shochu, carefully selected to match the fruit, and provides a strong alcoholic taste. The product is also purine-free (purine content of less than 0.5 mg per 100 ml is labeled as "purine-free") and contains no sweeteners (no sweeteners as food additives are used), making it ideal for health-conscious consumers. This product is also recommended for health-conscious people.

Glorious "Maruoroshi" [Red Grape

In addition to fruit juice, the new "Red Grapes" uses "Maruoroshi Grapes Puree," which is made by grating whole red grapes down to the skin. This allows consumers to enjoy the rich, full-bodied taste of red grapes with a hint of astringency from the skin, while maintaining a moderate sweetness.