MINTIA "Mintia Melon Soda BIG

MINTIA Melon Soda BIG" will be sold from the "BIG" series of MINTIA tablets. The product will go on sale on October 3. The content is 20g (0.71oz).

Mintia Melon Soda BIG

This is the second product in the "BIG" series, which was launched in March 2022 and was well received. These large, mouth-watering Mintia Mellon Soda BIGs offer the refreshing taste of melon soda and a pleasantly fizzy sensation. By increasing the amount of baking soda compared to the current "Aqua Spark BIG," both the new "Melon Soda BIG" and the renewed "Aqua Spark BIG" have been made to provide an even more fizzy sensation. Sugarless, recommended for those who are concerned about sugar, and rich in vitamin C. It comes in sachet pouches for easy enjoyment at any time.