MINTIA Cream Soda/Pudding



"MINTIA Cream Soda" and "MINTIA Pudding" will be released from the regular MINTIA series on March 6. Under the theme of "New Retro," the new products offer the fun and happiness of eating sweets, and are intended to strengthen the lineup for young users in their teens and twenties who are looking for a refreshing scene. Contents: 50 capsules (7 g).

Mintia Cream Soda/Pudding

The flavor is inspired by popular retro coffee shop menu items. The retro culture boom is continuing, especially among the younger generation, and there is a growing trend for people to feel "good old-fashioned atmosphere" for things that make them nostalgic, even if they have never experienced them before.

Cream Soda" is a melon soda-flavored tablet with vanilla ice cream-flavored candy chips, creating a cream soda flavor with an old-fashioned sweetness.

The "Pudding" is an egg-flavored pudding tablet with candy chips reminiscent of bittersweet caramel sauce, creating a pudding flavor with a nostalgic sweetness.

The packaging has a simple, retro label design with a dot pattern for "Cream Soda" and a stripe pattern for "Pudding," with playful illustrations appearing on the outer film.