30% off McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces"

"Chicken McNugget 15 Pieces" will be 30% off from April 24th at each McDonald's store. For a limited time until May 14, it will be sold for 390 yen at the regular price of 570 yen (tax included, same below).

In addition, two limited sauces for chicken mac nuggets will be released on the same day. "Stamina Yakiniku Mayo Sauce" and "Naporitan Sauce" will be on sale for a limited time along with the existing sauces.

McDonald's "Stamina Yakiniku Mayo Sauce" and "Naporitan Sauce"
Napolitan sauce on the left, stamina yakiniku mayo sauce on the right

Stamina Yakiniku Mayo Sauce is an image of "Yakiniku", which is popular among children and adults. Yakiniku sauce and mayo are combined. It has a mellow and addictive taste.

On the other hand, the Napolitan sauce is an image of "old-fashioned Western-style restaurant Napolitan" with a gentle ketchup taste. By adding the flavor of flavored vegetables, it is said that it has a rich and rich taste like Napolitan.

* Special prices and limited sauces for chicken mac nuggets are available at some stores.