Toraya Shaved Ice "Chestnut Ice

Toraya has announced on its official website that "Chestnut Ice" will be available as a limited quantity and limited time shaved ice menu. It will be available at Toraya Sakaiko from September 18 to October 16 in honor of "Jusan-no Yoru" (Thirteen Nights). The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Toraya Chestnut Ice

In 2022, "Thirteen Nights" will be on October 8. It is also called "Kuri-no-Magetsu" because chestnuts are offered. You can enjoy a taste unique to the harvest season, using chestnuts freshly picked this fall.

Hidden at the bottom is a flavorful chestnut red bean paste. It is made from Japanese chestnuts and Toraya's own white azuki beans, "Fukutora Shiro," which are known for their mild and elegant flavor and light aftertaste.

The sweet bean paste is topped with ice, topped with homemade Wasanbon molasses, and sprinkled with grated chestnuts to resemble moonlight. Finally, chestnut mizuyokan and shiratama (white rice balls) reminiscent of tsukimi dango (moon-viewing dumplings) are served on top. The taste of chestnuts spreads softly in the mouth, reminding one of the arrival of autumn. It is only available at this time of the year.

It is sold at Toraya Karyo's Akasaka store, Tokyo Midtown store, Imperial Hotel store, Toraya Tokyo, Shinjuku Isetan, Yokohama Sogo, Kyoto Ichijo store, and Kyoto Shijo Nanza store.