Chiroruchoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard].

Chirorucoco will release "Chirorucoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard]". These chiror chocolates are a reproduction of Hattendo's popular "Creamy Bun Custard" flavor, which is eaten cold.

Tyrol Chocolate [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard] (Japanese only)

The "Chirorucoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard]" is a Chirorucoco that reproduces Hattendo's popular "Creamy Bun Custard" flavor, which is eaten cold. The custard-flavored paste and marshmallow are wrapped in bread-flavored chocolate to reproduce the soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Chiroruchoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard].

The individual packages come in two designs: one with the Creamy Bread shizuru prominently displayed, and the other with a simple design featuring the Hattendo logo.

Chiroruchoco [Hattendo Creamy Bun Custard].

Priced at 44 yen (tax included), they will be available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide and Hattendo stores in Hiroshima Prefecture from September 16.

Some stores may not carry the product. Sales will end as soon as the product is sold out.

Tyrol Chocolate

Chiroruchoco was born from the idea of "bringing children the luxury chocolates of the time for 10 yen. In addition to its popular standard products, the company has released a variety of collaborative products, seasonal products, and challenging new flavors, with a cumulative total of more than 500 flavors.