Pink Black Thunder" from Yuraku Seika

Yuraku Seika's Black Thunder series will be offering a renewed "Pink Black Thunder". It will be sold at souvenir stores in the Hokkaido area. The release date is September 16. Contents: 10 bags. The price is 496 yen (tax included).

Pink Black Thunder

Pink Black Thunder" is a limited-time sister product of "White Black Thunder," which has been sold as a souvenir of Hokkaido since 2011. The "Pink Black Thunder" is now available in a renewed package and quality.

The "crunchy" texture typical of the Black Thunder series has been retained, while the pink chocolate coating made with Hokkaido strawberries and Hokkaido milk has been added, allowing consumers to enjoy the taste of sweet and sour strawberries and rich milk.

This year, strawberry chips have been newly added. The sour taste of the strawberry chips has been accentuated and the taste has become even more delicious. Enjoy the perfect combination of "Hokkaido strawberries and Hokkaido milk.