Bourbon "Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor

Bourbon will introduce "Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor," a combination of cheese-flavored ganache and mochi mochi.

Mochi Truffle Tiramisu Flavor

Bourbon has been developing a series of products combining mochi and chocolate, such as Mochi Truffle Ganache, and this is a new flavor in the series. The ganache, which is white chocolate with cheese paste and fresh cream kneaded into it with a hint of Western liquor, is wrapped in coffee-flavored mochi, giving it a soft texture.

The surface is sprinkled with cocoa powder to add a bitterness, and the rich cheese flavor unique to tiramisu is accentuated. The popular tiramisu sweet is presented as a soft and chewy texture that can be enjoyed. The set includes two sachets of four pieces.

The product will be sold at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks nationwide. The shelf life is six months.