Ministop "Apple Cobbler Apple & Custard

Apple Cobbler Apple & Custard," a cup sweet supervised by Granny Smith Apple Pie and Coffee, will be reissued and sold at Ministop, Natural Lawson, and Queen's Isetan. The selling price is 300 yen (tax included).

Apple Cobbler Apple & Custard

Ministop "Apple Cobbler Apple & Custard

This item was introduced in 2020 as a sweet for convenience stores and was well received. Granny Smith's popular "Apple Cobbler" has been reworked into a cup of sweets.

According to Granny Smith, Apple Cobbler is a baked pastry filled with apples and crispy dough, and is a popular family snack in the United States. This time, only Fuji apples from Aomori Prefecture are used, focusing on the taste and texture of the apples.

The bottom of the cup is a thick custard pudding with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, topped with crispy apples in syrup, crunchy cinnamon-flavored cookie crumbles, custard whipped cream and yogurt whipped cream, and topped with a bittersweet caramel sauce. The "Pudding" is a custard pudding with a caramel sauce.

The rich taste of the custard pudding and caramel sauce, combined with the fresh fruitiness of the apple and the refreshing flavor of the yogurt cream, is said to keep customers coming back for more. The company says that each spoonful of the cup offers a different combination of flavors and textures.

Ministop plans to sell the product at its stores in 27 prefectures for about four weeks from September 2. Queen's Isetan stores in four prefectures will carry the product for about four weeks from September 12. Natural Lawson will be available at stores in 4 prefectures for about 4 weeks from September 20. Some items may not be available.