LiSA supervised "Pure Gummies Tart Cherry".

Kabaya Foods will release "Pureal Gummies Tart Cherry," a limited-time-only flavor of the Pureal Gummies series. The release date is September 6. Limited time offer. The content is 58g (2.05oz) and the price is open.

Pureal Gumi Tart Cherry

Pureal Gummi Tart Cherry" is a collaboration flavor with LiSA, an artist who serves as a Pureal Gummi ambassador. These gummies are characterized by their soft texture and fruity tart cherry flavor, which can be smelled from the moment the bag is opened. The flavor contrast (sweetness and sourness) of tart cherries is expressed by combining two types of gummies: aerated gummies with a fluffy texture and jelly-like gummies with a pull-like texture. Tart cherry juice from Poland is used. Tart cherries are a variety of American cherries, also known as sour cherries.

A special video of the development process with LiSA is now available. In addition, a limited collaboration package designed under the supervision of Ms. LiSA for the "Pureal Gummi" series will be released to coincide with the launch.