Ministop "Ripe Apple Mango Parfait

The popular annual mango parfait at Ministop appears again this year. The "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait" and "Double the Mango! Apple Mango Parfait" will be available at all Mini Stop stores nationwide from August 12.

Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait

The "Fully Ripe Apple Mango Parfait" is a luxurious parfait that uses only "Mahachanok" ripe mangoes from Thailand for both the pulp and sauce. Mahachanok" is a mango characterized by its rich aroma, rich flavor, and dark orange color. After harvesting, the mangoes are carefully ripened to maximize their sweetness and aroma. The mango sauce is also sweet, fragrant, and rich.

Ministop "Ripe Apple Mango Parfait

It goes perfectly with Ministop's "Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream" to enjoy the taste of melt-in-your-mouth ripe mangoes. The price is 398 yen (tax included, same as below). The calorie count is 180 kcal.

Double the amount of mangoes! Tokuso Apple Mango Parfait

Double the amount of mangoes! The "Yoku-sori Apple Mango Parfait" uses twice the amount of mangoes as usual. You can enjoy plenty of mangoes. The price is 578 yen. The calorie count is 270 kcal.